At One World International School, kindness is the most critical element among a whole gamut of personal, emotional and social ingredients that we add to our scholastic mix. What we demonstrate and how we teach kindness equips our children to excel, not merely succeed, in all their life roles, not just in their careers.

"Kindness is at the core of everything we do at OWIS. In Early Childhood, we work with our children to model and explain kindness and to celebrate acts of kindness. Teachers are kind to children and to each other. Our Grade 5 Kindness Leaders come to support the younger children on the playground, again modeling kindness. We have found that a consistently positive and kind approach, where we truly value and embody kindness, has enabled the children to really understand its value. Our children strive to be kind people in everything they do."

Luna Deller
Student leaving hand print on wall

Inside the school, you’ll find Kindness Trees made up of students’ handprints. Fellow students or teachers nominate children for demonstrating acts of kindness, and they then contribute their handprints as leaves on their Kindness Tree.

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Our emphasis on kindness and “what it means to be kind” emanates from the top with our Head of School. And it is not just our thinking or belief; kindness is integral to everything we do. From our values and mission to curricula choices, our fee point, and our assessment practice - our philosophy around kindness aims to equip our students with the skills and awareness they need to thrive in a global society.

At OWIS, we find that a kind and nurturing school environment results in:

happy, aware, caring children

heightened self-esteem

increased peer acceptability

reduced instances of bullying

reduced stress

improved general health

enhanced concentration and learning ability

adults equipped for the demands of the 21st century

At OWIS, your child’s well-being always comes first

Because when children feel happy at school, they feel safe to explore, blossom and reach their fullest potential.


Kindness and Learning

The positive nature of kindness is an essential factor in achieving healthy relationships. And building such relationships is a catalyst for intellectual skills as well as social success.

In an article in Psychology Today, Dr Karyn Hall notes that acts of kindness trigger receptors in the brain that are conducive to a receptive and retentive state of mind. Such altruistic behavior releases endorphins, giving rise to the effect known as ‘helpers high’. When you realize that concentration and creative ability are also stimulated, the positive effect of kindness in schools becomes evident.

Promoting and Teaching Kindness

Instead of merely preaching about kindness, we take up engaging initiatives to motivate our students to actively think about and be kind and make them proud of their achievements.

What we effectively achieve through these kindness initiatives is an environment in which students are continually made aware of what kindness means and actually practice this, almost as one would a musical instrument. This leads to a habit of mind. And eventually, considered acts of kindness evolve into unthinking reactions of compassion. Step onto the campus at One World International School (OWIS), and you’ll understand why it’s known as the kindest school around. With a diverse student and teaching population, everyone is working towards the same goal.

The Kindness Council

OWIS emphasizes a global community and a comprehensive approach to education. We have over 70 nationalities here, and the ability for everyone to work collaboratively to develop a new understanding based on diverse and opposing points of view is of paramount importance. Being able to relate harmoniously to teachers and peers (and parents) is a necessity. Compassion and kindness are core values.

I love that kindness is woven into many daily routines and special activities throughout the school year. My daughter is always excited to tell me when students earn house points for kind acts!

Madison C.
Parent from OWIS Singapore

It is that clear kindness and international mindedness are a core philosophy of the school. These values are incorporated into the daily activities and celebrated during special occasions. My children come home talking about the special things they do to celebrate kind acts at school.

Charity D.
Parent from OWIS Singapore

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